Art for Realtors, Home Stagers and Home Sellers

When it comes to selling a home, it’s no secret that a good impression is all about perceived value. Home staging decor can make or break a sale, and oftentimes it’s the displayed artwork that ties a look together. Art in real estate functions as an indicator of value—where a single piece can elevate a house or rend it tacky—so finding artwork that will appropriately represent a space is important. At Tania Pemar, I believe that art breathes life into a space, and can transform a house into a home. My portfolio offers a wide selection of art for realtors, home stagers and sellers, where you’ll find one of my unique benefits is the option to lease artwork

For realtors and home stagers looking to dip their toes into home staging art, Tania Pemar provides complimentary art advisory services. Realtors and home stagers will find original artwork for modern and contemporary homes. 

Tania Pemar will work with you on style, space, and budget, and create a custom proposal based on the agreed-upon vision. Plus, my art staging program has some great benefits I doubt you’ll find elsewhere:

  • No time-commitments for leased artwork. I know you’re working hard to sell that home quickly so you only pay for the month(s) you need the artwork.
  • Free installation with 5+ artworks leased.


Reach out to me to schedule your home art staging services today