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Tania Pemar

A Tapestry of Twilight

A Tapestry of Twilight

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This evocative piece, from the "Nature's Whisper" collection, captures the essence of twilight on paper. A tapestry of vertical lines in dark grey, brown, and beiges stretches across the paper. The interplay of these colors evokes the subtle gradations of light fading into night. Imagine the deep shadows cast by towering trees as the sun dips below the horizon, the lingering warmth of brown earth tones, and the soft, ethereal glow of the approaching night sky.

The vertical lines themselves suggest a sense of movement, perhaps the swaying of branches in a gentle breeze or the rhythmic flow of a silent stream. The muted palette creates a feeling of serenity, inviting contemplation and a connection to the quiet beauty of the natural world at dusk.

Original Artwork

Size 18" x 24"

Medium: Acrylic in paper

It is sold unframed. A Certificate of Authenticity is included 

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