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Tania Pemar

Cold Mist

Cold Mist

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"Cold Mist" is part of The Power of Slow, my newest collection. Ideas take awhile to formulate and do not do so in moments of aha, but rather slowly brewing and forming over time. By giving our thinking some space, we unlock the full potential of our minds and allow them the freedom and ability to discover the connections that we are having trouble making. We want things immediate and fast. There’s no time to dawdle and get distracted, rather everything should happen the very instant we desire it. This now culture has become a running theme in all parts of life. With everything, thinking long term and making steady progress, day by day, is what generates real results. This is the power of slow. With patience, discipline, and hard work, eventually you’ll stumble upon a breakthrough. All good things take time.

Original artwork.

Size: 11" x 14" 

Medium: Acrylics in paper. 

It ships unframed and with a Certificate of Authenticity. 

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