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Tania Pemar

Where my heart is

Where my heart is

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I was born in the land with more olive trees in the world (Jaen, Spain). Every time you go out to the country, the only thing  you can see is hills full of olive trees. And as far as your seen can go, the only thing you can contemplate is olive trees. It is beautiful! My mind travel there very often despite the distance now (living in Kansas, USA). I can see myself when I was a little girl walking between olive trees, seeing the leaves move with the wind and listening the footsteps of my grandfather as he was walking with me and holding my hand. That was my inspiration when painting this piece. I hope I can transport you there. 

This artwork was painted in paper with acrylics

Size: 18” x 24” (46 cm x 61 cm)

It ships unframed and with a Certificate of Authenticity

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