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Tania Pemar

Tranquil Dawn

Tranquil Dawn

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This serene piece, from the "Nature's Whisper" collection, evokes the calming beauty of a dawning day. Created on paper, a delicate interplay of light blue, light grey, and beige washes across the surface. The abstract composition whispers of the subtle hues that paint the sky as darkness gives way to light. Imagine the soft blue tones of the pre-dawn sky, merging with the gentle greys of lingering mist and the warm beige of the earth awakening to a new day.

The light and airy colors create a sense of peace and tranquility. The absence of harsh lines suggests a world awakening slowly, with a quiet sense of anticipation. Nature's Whisper: Tranquil Dawn invites the viewer to find their own serenity in the subtle beauty of a new beginning.

Original Artwork

Size: 18" x 24"

Medium: Acrylic in paper

It is sold unframed. A Certificate of Authenticity is included

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